Padraig McCaul
Artist Profile

Padraig McCaul at Lahinch Art Gallery.
Padraig McCaul is a contemporary Irish Artist, based in Achill, Co Mayo.
His paintings are inspired by the rich landscapes and coastlines of the West of Ireland.
‘’It’s the west of Ireland landscapes in particular that I’m drawn to. To me they are what Ireland is all about, and there is an energy and a sense of timelessness in them that I try to get across in my paintings’’
His work is widely collected both internationally and at home.

In his paintings Padraig McCaul uses primary colors; blues and reds and crimsons, in broad strokes, to depict houses, roads, farm buildings, and country lanes in simple, uncluttered compositions. His paintings seek to elicit the emotion that allows room for the viewer to get lost in the subject.  They are not just there, he says, to simply describe the landscape but to stir an emotional response to the feeling of the landscape and to convey the movement and the energy and the light around it.