Peg Quinlan, Artist in residence at Lahinch Art Gallery over 30 years has seen her art progress and change tact over the years. Largely influenced by impressionists work such as Turner and Monet. She has had many exhibitions at Kennys Lahinch Art Gallery with a Monet theme over the years. Wild Irish flowers and gardens with abundance of texture and colour and great Lahinch golf scenes.

In 2017 Quinlan introduced a collection of abstract paintings at the RHA based on the lacy patterns in Liscannor’s famous flagstone.

Liscannor stone is beautiful naturally created flagstone surface with which bears the fossils tracks of ancient marine life.

Inspired locally to create her abstract collection. In ways it has a Jackson Pollocks influence, here is a poem I found with about Jackson Pollock:

“Pollock’s art was a sight to behold,

A dance of colours, a story untold.

With a drip and a splash,

He created a world that was brash.

His canvases reflected his soul,

A journey of emotions, a life that was whole”.

Her work is characterized by a vibrant and textured style that captures the essence of nature. Her paintings are known for their bold use of colour and intricate details. Quinlan’s art has evolved over the years, and she has experimented with different styles and techniques. Her abstract collection inspired by Liscannor’s flagstone patterns has a Jackson Pollock influence. 

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