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Luí na Gréine

89 x 69 Framed cms
Irish Artist Chris Quinlan, a full-time artist since 1999, has a unique and intriguing art style.  His style can be described as chromoluminarism or divisionism and his subject matter is mainly derived from nature fused with personal experiences and memories.  This style involves a high level of skill and precision as the paint is not mixed it is achieved with each individual stroke which interacts optically.
Chris loves to paint nature and people’s interaction with landscapes, creating eye-catching and interactive colorful scenes to light up any room.  Each painting has an immediate impact and 3d effect which makes it stand out.
Chris has honed his technique used by some of my favorite impressionists, Van Gogh, Monet and Sargent.
I want to inspire the viewers of my work to keep or look for the positivism, neutrality and colour in their every day or maybe return to that happy place be it in a dream, a memory or a Sunday drive. I want to continue developing my style, portfolio, skills and talents to make a positive and meaningful contribution to the world of art.

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