Kelly Hood
Artist Profile

Kelly Hood…painter of the natural world, is a full-time artist who works in oils and mixed media. She has developed her own unique style of photo-realism and pays extreme attention to detail.

Kelly has sold her work to private collectors and the general public.

” I am a contemporary realist painter with a constant need to paint the things in life that go un-noticed and which are often most interesting and beautiful. I believe that if we took the time to look more closely at things we would truly have our eyes opened to the beauty in even the most mundane”.

“I believe in painting what I see, catching a beautiful scene for my clients to cherish for life. I spend long hours in my studio and I am building a reputation as an artist who pushes super-realism to the extreme, with great attention to detail while catching the light and beauty in each piece of work I do”.

I began painting professionally in 2001 and I am exhibiting and selling my work since. I paint in Oil paint & Mixed Media (Flint, Zinc Flakes, Italian Marble and pumice) on Linen Canvas, in a style that is realistic and inspiring.

“Mother Nature is my favourite artist and all of my images are inspired by her work”.

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