Kate Beagan
Artist Profile

​Irish born artist Kate Beagan’s love of oils developed at the early age of 12 when her brother seeing her interest in art bought her an oil painting set.

Now a contemporary landscape artist with over 25 years experience, Kate has developed a style that is instantly recognizable.

Immigrating to Australia in 1986, Kate found that the landscape had an enormous impact on her and would continue to inspire and influence her work for many years. While there she attended workshops with Robert Wade, an international watercolor artist. Painted under the tuition of Colley Whisson author of “Creating Impressionist Landscapes in oils”. Kate was one of the winners of the Australian Rotring drawing award in 1990 and had her work published in the “Australian Artist Magazine”.

In 1995 she returned to her home place in Co. Monaghan, to be absorbed back into her own environment. She captures the ravishes of the Irish winter and the transient nature of light, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Kate is constantly working and always searching for new subject matter or new ways to approach her chosen subject.

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