Fiona Roche – Artist Profile

Fiona was born in Dublin and studied at National College of Art and Design . Over the last 20 years she has continuously sought to improve her painting skills and techniques through continuous practice and through taking short specific art courses.
She received a lot of positive feedback on her paintings and in 1995 decided to exhibit in the open-air art exhibition on St Stephens Green. That experience and the reaction of the public inspired her to further develop her profession as an artist.
In 2007, she decided to take a one-year career break to concentrate full time on her art. Since then she has been exhibiting continuously and participated in the RDS Art Show, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Wexford Fringe Festival and various Dublin Exhibitions and galleries.
She aims to create artwork that is dynamic and uplifting; evoking a sense of joy and wellbeing that truly cheers and rejuvenates. She looks to capture the positivity in each piece and to share this positivity with the observer.
Her floral themes are influenced by the wild and random growth observed in meadows and woods where she lives, emphasising the haphazard and unhindered movement of the grasses and flowers.
Her palette consists of vibrant colours applied in a loose and free style to manifest beautiful, liberal and serene displays of nature. Working mainly with acrylic paint applied thickly to achieve an impasto effect.