Debbie Harrington
Artist Profile

Debbie Harrington was born in Dublin, Ireland and relocated to Co. Clare in the west of Ireland in 1996. Engaging with this wild, rugged and ever changing landscape has in turn evoked a deeper connection with the natural world.

​A passion for animals has been reignited through her youngest daughter and has found an important place within her work. Both “movement” and “lack of it” have become an integral part of the work.

​Anthroposophy has greatly impacted on Debbie’s world view due to the introduction to Steiner education in 2005. This has led to a more open, creative and spiritual approach to everyday living.

​Over the year’s Debbie has engaged with an array of materials and making, from working with silver, copper, felting, making puppets, puppetry and storytelling.

​Having been drawn into the world of ceramics through a plc course. She was instantly captivated by the tactility, versatility and the pure responsiveness of clay.
As a ceramic artist, Debbie aims to challenge the viewer on an emotional level, through the expression of gesture in abstract forms.

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