Colin Flack
Artist Profile
Born in 1973 along the windswept shores of the North Antrim Coast, Colin Flack’s artistic journey was ignited by his unique perspective on Ireland’s ever-changing landscapes. His deep-rooted connection to this land, marked by the stark contrast between the tranquility of summer and the harsh beauty of winter, continues to manifest in his remarkable body of work.
Raised in an environment steeped in artistry, Colin was surrounded not only by the captivating landscapes of Ireland but also by the works of the nation’s finest artists, thanks to his parents, who owned both a hotel and an art gallery along the Antrim coast. This upbringing instilled in him a profound appreciation for the artistic heritage of his homeland, and to this day, he draws his inspiration from the world that envelops him.
A self-taught artist, Colin Flack shared the same unyielding passion for painting as his early peers—visionaries like Dan O’Neill, Gerard Dillon, and George Campbell. His artistic journey began at a young age, and with each brush stroke, he sought to capture the essence of the Irish countryside that had captured his heart.
Over the years, Colin’s artistic prowess has flourished, earning him resounding acclaim and leading to sell-out exhibitions that have left audiences awestruck across Ireland. His paintings are a window into the landscapes and seascapes of Ireland, a testament to his profound love for the countryside that pervades his being. The fusion of oil and palette knife in his artistic process breathes life into his canvases, creating a vivid sense of movement and liberation that defines each masterpiece. His mastery of oils adds a three-dimensional depth, evoking the true spirit of the scenes he portrays.
Colin Flack’s artistic brilliance was celebrated on a grand scale when his works were exhibited at the Fine Art Trade Guild Artists Exhibition in 2003. The demand was unprecedented, with many pieces sold before they were unveiled. This marked a significant turning point in his career.
His unwavering commitment to oils is a testament to his in-depth understanding of their properties. Each canvas is an eloquent blend of colors meticulously chosen to reflect the unique beauty of the surrounding environment. Such was the acclaim of his work that Colin received a personal invitation to exhibit in Dublin in 2005, among celebrated artists like William Scott, J B Vallely, William Crozier, Neil Canning, Kevin Sharkey, and Sean McSweeney.
Colin Flack is a highly collectible artist. His creations have found homes in private collections across the globe, gracing the walls of art enthusiasts from the United States to Canada and to Australia.
Colin Flack’s art is a vivid testament to the enchanting landscapes of Ireland, meticulously brought to life with every brushstroke, reflecting his profound love for the countryside and an unwavering connection to the ever-changing seasons. His work is an invitation to embark on a visual journey through the heart and soul of Ireland, capturing the essence of the land and sea that has shaped him into the artist he is today.