Brigitte McGovern
Artist Profile

Brigitte paints in oil on canvas. Describing her style as photorealism, she pays particular attention to detail, laying on the paint flatly to compress and isolate the image. The colours are muted and encompass a coldness associated with stone structures and winter seas.

Born and raised in Hamburg, Brigitte studied graphic design at the College of Art & Design in Hamburg, graduating wwith a first class honors degree. After meeting her Irish husband on a trip to Lahinch, Brigitte moved to Ireland in 1979. Since then Brigitte has continued to paint and exhibit regularly, alongside raising her family. She has earned a certificate in art therapy from the Crowford College of Art and Design in Cork. In 2003 she was awarded the Douglas Hyde gold medal at the Oireachtais Exhibition for her work. She has also exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Annual Exhibition.

Brigitte’s preferred medium is oils and paints in a photo-realistic style. Her paintings acquire additional tangible qualities that set them apart from the photographic original.

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