Anne Stewart – Artist Profile

My Practice has evolved as a multi-disciplinary practice, consisting of Painting, Drawing Photography, Audio recording, Video, Sound installation, and sculptural installation.
I use these disciplines as an artistic response to research of any subject. I am particularly interested in a sense of place, belonging, community, heritage, folklore, and traditions. These elements are fast disappearing as the older generations are passing on and with them the folklore, way of life and traditions are going into the grave with them.
I have researched archives in County Clare library and interview anyone who have been willing and interested in the preservation of Irish heritage. This interest derives from my experience as a child growing up in Belfast during “The Troubles”. The rejection and isolation I encountered was simply because I was of a different religion from the population/area where I lived. My whole family never felt part of this community or a sense of pride or belonging. My family moved to Shannon County Clare in 1973, and after fourteen years I moved to Kilkishen County Clare and adopted this community as my new home in 1986. I am glad to say I finally feel a sense of pride and belonging within the community of Kilkishen.
I have attended Limerick school of art and design for six years. In that time I was successful in achieving a B.A. honours degree, I continued to progress and achieved a Masters of Fine art.
My work is done on recycled wood.

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