Ann Feely
Artist Profile

Ann Feely is an Artist, Designer, Creative Educator, and an Arts/Events Project Manager living in Belfast, close to the river Lagan. Her work is inspired by her local surroundings of wildlife, trees, water, flora and Irish landscapes. Ann wants to convey the power, beauty and fleeting moments of nature using spontaneity and unplanned elements as well as deliberate design within each piece.
Ann works primarily in oils, acrylics and mixed media using techniques best suited to capture an atmosphere of a place she visits, using her own creative style, to produce colourful, textured, dynamic pieces of work.
She has exhibited her paintings in various public buildings and group shows, including, in The Hallows Gallery, R-Space Gallery, Island Arts Centre and had her first solo exhibition in 2016 at the Crescent Arts Centre, opened by renowned Irish Artist, Bill Gatt, who had been a positive influence in her chosen career path since Bill taught her ‘A’ level Art & Design