Alan Bradshaw
Artist Profile

Born in Belfast in 1936. Bradshaw qualified as an architect from the Architectural Association, London. Throughout his busy professional career he never lost sight of his first love – painting.

In 1992, he exhibited his work in the McGilloway Gallery, Derry, with immediate and dramatic results. During the next two years he firmly established himself and the steady increase in demand for his work led him to taking early retirement in June 1995 so that he could devote all his time and energy to painting.

He currently paints in oil, watercolour and acrylic media and has held tutorials for mature students.

Bradshaw’s motivation to paint stems from his great love of the natural world and the unique and ever changing nature of the Irish countryside throughout each day and from season to season. While his primary concern is to portray the moods of Ireland in a realistic and unpretentious manner—his interest in sunlight, both direct and indirect and the way in which it variously affects everything, can also be found in his still life and interior paintings. He views his efforts as a painter as a direct link with his maternal grandmother—a Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow lady who was, by reputation, an artist of very considerable talent.
In March, 1996, Bradshaw was lead painter in a “No Boundaries” exhibition staged in City Hall, Boston. U.S.A. at the request of the then major—Mr. Thomas Menino. The purpose of the event was to promote the attractions and great beauty of the N.W. Region of Ireland in furtherance of the peace process and as portrayed through the eyes of local cross border/cross community artists. This was the fourth in a series of “No Boundaries” exhibitions that he and his wife were instrumental in organising in association with a Donegal gallery and the American Embassy, Dublin.