Navigating the Artistic Odyssey: A Chronicle of Endeavours

Embarking on my artistic voyage, I charted a course through the corridors of the Fashion industry before being beckoned back to the world of academia at The University of Ulster, delving into the realm of Fine Art.

A Canvas of Accomplishments

Throughout my journey, I’ve painted the narrative of my career across 27 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibition showcases, both on national and international platforms.

Words and Strokes on Display

My creations have found a place in the literary world as well, with three books of Art and Poetry now part of the Donegal Library board’s collection, accessible to patrons seeking an immersive artistic experience.

A Collaborative Cadence

Artistic evolution is a constant pursuit. Collaboration with fellow artists, curators, and Gallery directors has been pivotal, fostering growth in skills, reputation, and confidence. My works find representation in galleries across Ireland and adorn private and corporate collections in Ireland, the UK, Europe, and America.

Community Engagement and Literary Recognition

Summer 2023, Art Facilitator, Commissioned to deliver artistic sessions for persons residing in Ballyshannon Community Nursing Unit, culminating in a finished artwork and book. The Get Crafty Programme, was run by the Donegal County Council and Derry City and Strabane District Council and supported by the Creative Ireland Fund, 2023.

Inclusion in ‘Leitrim – A Creative Landscape’, book publication. A collaboration with the Leitrim Design House artists and designers and photographer Brian Farrell. In association with creative Ireland and DCC Ireland.

Thematic Artistry on the Global Stage

Participation in various thematic exhibitions underscore my commitment to artistic excellence. An invitation by the Hamilton Gallery, Sligo to create unique paintings in response to the suite of poems by WB Yeats. My painting, ‘An Talamh mo Bhaile’ has been showing in ‘Ancestral Houses, throughout China in association with the Embassy of Ireland to China, Hong Kong VA Galleries and LolliGo Art Space, emphasising the global resonance of my artistic expressions.

Nominations and Residencies

Recognition in the form of visual and literary works being shortlisting for the John Richardson French Residency Award 2022 and 2024 from Hambly & Hambly Gallery in collaboration with Centre Culturel Irlandais Paris. ‘Wintertide’ getting selected for the inaugural Artriddler exhibition in Studio 10 in Dublin.

Diverse Projects and Publications

Engagements span a wide spectrum, from contributing to literary publications like ‘Washing Windows III: Irish Women Write Poetry’ to crafting a unique response to the newly commissioned poem ‘St Brigid’s Well’ by poet Eilean Ni Chuilleanain, celebrating Women and Creativity organised by the Hamilton Gallery, Sligo and the Irish Governments Department of Foreign Affairs and Consulates around the world.

A Tapestry of Achievements

From curated exhibitions to collaborations with esteemed organizations like the Ulster Society Of Woman Artists (USWA), each project adds a distinctive thread to the tapestry of my artistic pursuits.

Ongoing Exhibition Tours

My touring solo exhibition, ‘Time-Lapse,’ continues its third tour in Cork and Dublin and stands as a testament to the evolving and integral part of my artistic practice that incorporates personal narratives and social engagement. My commitment has been supported with awards from organisations such as the Irish Hospice Foundation, Donegal County Council and Leitrim County Council.

Current Exhibition at Feila Na mBan 2024 – Festival celebrating women’s creativity, words and voices.

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