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The Feathered Voyage

53 x 63 Framed cms

This name captures the essence of the painting’s themes of travel, exploration, and the connection between the natural world and human experience. The use of “feather” as a metaphor for the sail not only adds a poetic touch but also highlights the importance of the wind and the elements in the boat’s journey.

“Feathered Sails” by W.B. Yeats: This poem features a sailor who has lost his way and is guided by the wind and the stars. The poem’s themes of navigation, exploration, and the power of nature are reflected in the painting’s depiction of a boat carrying an Irish village and the sail being a large feather.

There you have it! “The Feathered Voyage” is a fitting name for a painting that captures the essence of Irish culture, history, and the human experience.

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