On the Way Home

Oil on Canvas
36 x 46 canvas, 77 x 67 Framed size cms
His style and theme of paintings are a great combination.  Layers and layers of buttery creamy oil strokes across the canvas, vivid colors portray a time gone by in Irish culture and landscape.
Each painting is unique and a great testament to Irish Culture and history.

It’s a poignant memory of a simpler way of life in rural Ireland, the cutting of turf was so natural to our existence.  James patiently brings this old world to life and the vibrancy of his art and impasto technique.

Impasto painting creates depth and volume by adding thick layers of paint on top of each other giving the painting a super realistic three-dimensional image quality and the objects in the painting pop out of it. Rich in texture gives it a strong depth in the painting.
Each painting is superbly framed.  Investing in art is not just the finance but the love of great art.

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