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Mending the Nets

Oil on Canvas
92 x 82 Framed cms

James Brohan paints using an impasto style which involves using a palette knife or brush to apply thick, bold strokes of paint onto the canvas. This creates a three-dimensional effect, as the paint stands out from the surface, giving it a sculptural quality.

Mending the nets is a scene based in a small coastal Portuguese fishing village called “” Armacao De Pera”, Algarve area in Portugal.  Here using traditional boats, fishermen land their catch directly onto the beach area, working and mending the nets onsite. One of the oldest fishing villages in the Algarve, Armação de Pêra’s Saturday market is famed throughout the region for its showcase of the sea’s bounty. From freshly caught sea bass and red mullet to clams and shellfish, the traditional methods of local fishermen mean that quality and sustainability are guaranteed.

The small, brightly painted fishing boats that launch every day from Armação de Pêra use lines and small nets to bring in their catch, and are proud of their reputation among the best fishing markets in the country.


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