Hedgerow on Hilltop – Limited Edition Print

Across the sky, the jet stream leads–like a rainbow over the pot of gold–to the Shannon Airport, welcoming those of Irish ancestry home to the West of Ireland. There is a wishbone-shaped cloud that conjures up the laughter of childhood, with the hopes that their wishes come true.

The view is one that you can see from the hedgerow on the hilltop, with its beautiful Purple Loose Strife flowered spears and the wild raspberries knitted together like an Aran sweater.

The cottage below is warm and welcoming, its turf fire glowing, and there’s the sweet smell of peat beckoning. “Here,” the cottage seems to say, “is the promise of the best ‘cuppa and an Avoca wool blanket to curl up in.”

Beyond that, there’s the barn roof, with the weather vane rooster, and the arrows move from East to West. Waking up from a dream, Dreaming of Clare landscape and being there.

‘Mama, I’m Coming Home” ~ Ozzy Osbourne

It looks like an original piece of art with a beautiful handmade Frame. Printed on Board

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76 X 76 FRAMED cm

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