The Blue Room

100 x 100 with white tray frame cms
Maura’s art background began in the interior and design industry. She always dabbled in art at a young age and it led her to complete a BA honors degree in Fine art. Maura mixes her time with both an interior design consultant and an artist.
Maura’s philosophy in art is that it’s all about how the piece makes you feel when you look at it. It’s not so much about the image itself, but the emotion it instills in you and the mark it leaves in your mind. Since the beginning of her journey, Maura has been awarded many accolades but the most satisfying part of the process for her is the privilege of getting to express herself and share her work.
Painting mainly with acrylics, Maura evokes memories and steps into this painting feeling, our art is based on her work as an interior designer and also her love of the sea.

Free shipping nationwide on originals with the exception of paintings framed with glass.