Spiral Boat

36 x 40 x 19 cms

The sculpture in question features a ship crafted from Irish bog oak as its hull, with handmade steel sails. The bog oak used in this sculpture is a very ancient and prized material known for its hardness, strength, and stability due to thousands of years of mineral penetration. The dark color of the bog oak, resulting from mineralization over centuries, adds a unique and historical aspect to the piece. The steel sails are meticulously handcrafted, likely using traditional methods such as forging and tempering to ensure durability and quality.

The overall design of the sculpture would likely showcase the contrast between the dark, aged bog oak hull and the sleek, metallic steel sails. The combination of these materials would create a striking visual impact, blending ancient organic elements with modern craftsmanship. el and Carbon Steel. The metal is flame-coloured to enhance its beauty, resulting in unique artworks where no two pieces are alike.

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