Sadhbh – Painting

Handmade ceramic piece inspired by Celtic mythology and legends.
Beautifully boxed.

Sadhbh – Irish Mythology
The legend goes that Sadhbh, ancestral goddess of Munster, was enchanted to take the form of a fawn for refusing the love of Fer Doirich, the dark druid of the Men of Dea. She held this form for three years. until a serving-man of the Dark Druid told her that if she set foot in the fort of the Fianna of Ireland, the druid would no longer have any power over her.
She then traveled straight to Fionn Mac Cumhaill’s house, while he was out hunting. On his return home, Sadhbh became a beautiful girl once more and soon she and Fionn were married.
She later gave birth to Oisin, the greatest poet of Ireland a warrior of the Fianna in the Ossianic of Fenian Cycle of Irish Mythology.