32 x 48 inches cms

Original large art painting by artist Laurance O’Tool. Acrylic on linen 32” x 48”. We were in Scotland and Jade had just bought herself a new scarf, While wandering the streets of Glasgow I came across this old sweet shop, down on Argyle street, and around the corner of its glass frontage they were applying some new vinyl graphics. I stopped to watch them, not out of any interest in the application process of vinyl but because of the larger-than-life word of candy, complete with the stars and strips and looking every bit as stunning as the promise of pleasure, it was making. The idea that American culture is still making its mark on the world was interesting to me, how it is iconic, and maybe always will be. It feels safe, reliable, and very, very familiar. I cajoled Jade to pose for me, on that busy street, in front of the new shopfront, and in that short pose, I saw all the candy come to life and start spilling around her, I saw a fun, uncomplicated bust of life happening. I saw a chance to paint some goodness and I ran with it.

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