Kate Beagan - Artist

Previous Exhibitions at [Kenny's Lahinch Art Gallery]
- April 2013 - ""Harmony" by Kate Beagan, Sharon McDaid and Marina Hamilton"

Kate is an Irish Artist currently living in Co. Monaghan. She has exhibited throughout Ireland and Australia. Over the years she has won many art awards such as the Australian Rotring award for Drawing and the Henry Chapman award for watercolour.

Simplicity would seem to be an identifying factor in Kate’s work, but simplicity is a deceiving concept. Using light and colour, she reveals the essence of the subjects she selects to paint. Children playing at the shore are among her most popular images, with landscapes and vilage scenes coming in a close second. 

She prefers the challenge of the smaller painting with oil on canvas being her medium of choice. She uses canvas she stretches herself for maximum results.

Her subject matter ranges from broad sweeping landscapes, beach scenes to townscapes. There is underlying warmth to her work. Her style is figurative, romantic and moody. Kate's work has been purchased by the Department of Health and the Department of Justice.

Artist Statement

Working mainly with oils, I focus on landscape and urban scenes.

The shape, pattern and colour play a large part in my choice of subject. As does the time of day and to a very large extent the season. My favourite time is from October right through to April.

I find that for me, the transient nature of light, large areas and open spaces are elements that qualify a landscape.

My paintings are finished when they are able to convey a moment or sensation, an initial impact and a sense of mystery.

The process of transforming paint into an image continues to compel and challenge.

Presently Exhibiting with:

Kenny’s Lahinch Art  Gallery. Co. Clare.