Betty Flanagan - Artist


Artist Betty Flanagan employs a variety of subjects and techniques in painting and sculptures; others are impressionistic interpretations. Her artistic language is rich enough to convey them all in many forms of art. Betty received her art education in Wild Wood Arts of Pasadena, California; Delgado in New Orleans, Louisiana; Museum of Fine Art, Houston Texas; and Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia. She was selected to be in the book "Two Thousand Women of Achievement - 1972" in the library of  Congress, Washington D.C. She is a member of the International Platform Association.

Betty Dee Flanagan, born in Oklahoma, U.S.A., on 4 September 1922. Profession: Artist; Music Teacher. Married at New Orleans , La., on 10 September 1941, to John R. Flanagan; three children Joan; Judy; Rick. Education: Piano music study, 1935-41; Graduate, Stilwell, Okla., 1941; Harper's Beauty College, Fort Smith, Ark., 1940-41; Kelleys School of Modern Music, San Francisco, Calif., 1945-47; Delgado Museum of Fine Arts, New Orleans, La., 1955-60; Museum of Fine Arts, 1964; Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia, 1969