Angela Emsen-West - Artist

Angela started painting full time after serious illness in 2000. “Illness gets you thinking about the normal things in life, why I don’t know, but it does. Possibly because time stands still giving you the chance to see. I got to thinking about what is around me and how beautiful ordinary everyday objects are and why I have never seen them as beautiful objects before now.” So, she started to paint them, bread and butter, jam pots etc all everyday objects in her home. “The more I do the more I want to do. I never run out of things to see the beauty in”.

Her art aims to please and to help the viewer see the regular things that we miss through the busy fast pace of modern life. “Beauty is all around me and sometimes I miss it. I found that I never took the time to look around. I seemed to strive for the beauty of what I could not have rather than look at the beauty in my life and surroundings”.

“There is nothing deep or conceptual about my work. I strive to represent what I see as accurately and realistically as my drawing and painting skills will allow. I really cannot put into words the deep feelings satisfaction and joy I receive from painting what I see in water colour.

I would be thrilled if what I painted made someone go home or switch off their computer and view their own surroundings in a different light.”