Adrienne Finnerty - Artist

Adrienne is inspired to paint by all sorts of things, big events, small happenings, people, places, life issues in general. Her art is energized with conceptual direction, emotionally inspired and attuned to her moods and responses to life. It is her private experience set out in paint and canvas, so is always new and innovative. Her love of travel takes her trekking to remote regions of the world, inspiring original unique paintings, including her African, Vietnam & Brazilian series of works.

Adrienne is eclectic in her painting methodology and depending on her mood and the result she is aiming to achieve, swings between the traditional upright easel and brush, to the more impulsive technique of floor work where often through splashes and spills she attempts to create order from chaos. Colours mingle, accidents happen, her creativity unfolds. Her method is often an unconcious process, where Adrienne takes a meditative approach to paint her feelings, thoughts and responses to life experience.

Brilliant colours and inviting textures characterize Adrienne M. Finnerty‘s distinctive artwork. Her paintings are bright, vibrant and exciting, many inspired by travels through Africa, Asia, Brazil, and most recently India. A colourist, her magical hues reflect her inner experience, her response to life, and so her work is always fresh, original, and dynamic.